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What does fashion and sports have in common?

I will not pretend to be a fashion designer or a sports fanatic, what I can say is I love fashion and I like sports.  Many years ago I married a man who cares about fashion and is a sports fanatic, he’s one who supports his home teams whether they are winning or losing…Orioles and the Ravens.  I guess by now you know where we live.

On any given day the television at home is set on ESPN, I constantly watch games and hear updates over and over again.  I don’t mind watching sports, between the commentators and my husband; I can carry on a pretty good sporting conversation with the guys at work!  I can also watch the sports stations and critique men’s fashion (something I like to do), women’s fashions too but I prefer critiquing men.  I get ideas of the latest fashion, colors and what my husband shouldn’t wear.

I would say I am a simple person, nothing to flashy and nothing to colorful.  I watch many interviews with athletics and/or commentators, those making plenty of money, many who have fashion consultants, I think why in the world does he have that on?  I began to make watching sports a little more entertaining for me, and probably a bit more annoying for my husband.

Welcome to myTEAMPICKs. I am not telling you who is winning the game, or predicting any outcomes. I am watching sports channels my husband happens to be watching and critiquing men in their suits… gotta love it!  If you are on television: a commentator, newscaster or athlete you are fair game. Welcome to my wonderful world of men, sports and fashion.  (Disclaimer:  this is all for fun, but who knows you may pick up some fashion tips)

What is fashion; fashion refers to the styles and customs prevalent at a given time. Sports are activities that are governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. So what do fashion and sports have in common, nice looking men (matter of opinion) in nice looking clothes!


theSTARTERS… if you happen to make this category in fashion, you make my team for the week, congratulations!

theBENCH… close, but something isn’t quit right with your outfit, sit on the bench and when I figure it out maybe you can play!

theWAIVERS… well maybe next time or never!

Now that you get the idea, welcome to myTEAMPICKS… Stuart Scott, Joseph Keyshawn Johnson, Boomer I’m coming after you, will you make the team or not?


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