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Fan Night

Yesterday (December 8, 2009), I was rather pleased with the men on Tuesday Fan Night on NBA television.  As I watched Chris Webber and Ernie Johnson last night I tried to breakdown each of their outfits, but I really couldn’t.

Five-time NBA All-Star Chris Webber kept his attire quite safe; a tan suit, a brown tie and a white shirt.  Host Ernie Johnson demonstrated his fashion capabilities a tad more showcasing his brown and yellow.  I have one change for Ernie. Your handkerchief should reflect the color of the widest stripe in your tie which would be the yellow stripe.  On the contrary, I will not deduct any points.  Guys you did a great job!


Ernie Johnson you are a STARTER. Chris Webber you are on the BENCH, not because your selection was wrong, but if I must compare the two of you, Ernie put more pizzazz in his selection. 


Allen’s return

Yesterday (December 7, 2009) Philly fans were elated to welcome Allen Iverson back to the 76ers. Although the game didn’t have the outcome as hoped (Denver 93, Philly 83) fans have their main man back!

Allen arrived at the Wachovia Center to the first sell out crowd of the season.  Reporters took pictures and television cameras followed his every move.  Of-course I’m disappointed in Allen’s choice of clothes!

Allen is coming “home!”  The fans, commentators, reporters are all anticipating his return.  This is a huge moment for the 76ers who are suffering a losing streak.  All eyes are on you Allen Iverson, so why did you arrive in the outfit below?

If someone took a look at this picture, they might think the following:

(1)               Is Allen in some sort of trouble?

(2)               What did he do?

The truth of the matter is he’s being escorted to his locker room, I would assume.  It’s your big return Allen, why didn’t you wear a suit?  Why didn’t you put on a tie?  Why didn’t you look presentable, professional…

Allen, grab your grey suit from the closet.  Get a white or pink shirt, go ahead you can wear pink, be daring!  Put on the tie below and you’re perfect!  Nothing much to it, simplicity is key!

Congratulations on your return to Philly, but you are a WAIVER, take my advise and you’ll soon be a STARTER.


The Bentley Breakdown

Back in 2007 Fonzworth Bentley, former personal assistant to Sean Combs released his book, Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence and Style to Get Ahead.  As the years go by, it seems men are forgetting key points to fashion.  Here are a couple of tips Mr. Bentley makes in his book that can advance your swagger and help you become a STARTER!   

*     Buying expensive clothes is not necessary to get a good look; buying clothes that fit properly is. Take the time to get measured and buy your clothes accordingly. A good tailor can make all the difference. It’s amazing how the right fit can transform an item of clothing. 

*     Great ties can be found just about anywhere. I recommend you get to know a sales associate in a boutique or department store and tell him or her to call you when a shipment of ties comes in, as well  as when ties go on sale. 

*     White and blue dress shirts are a must. You should also have a check, a stripe and a colored shirt, such as lavender or pink. I recommend that every man have a formal white shirt in his closet.         

*     The length of your pants should fall at the top of your shoe, and the back of your pants should slant toward the heel of your shoe. When you walk, your socks should not be seen. When you sit, your leg should not show. The waist of your pants belongs on your natural waist.  

*     Invest in a good pair of brown, black or chestnut bench-made shoes.  

10 tips for the well-dressed man from Fonzworth Bentley


Weekly Recap/Rewind

Myteampicks for the week.

theSTARTER:  Tiger Woods, he made the appropriate choice in fashion!

theBENCH: Chris Paul, don’t were purple to a Lakers game!

theWAIVER: Deion Sanders, never quit right, always on the BENCH or a WAIVER, never a STARTER



We all know and love Deion Sanders, former NFL cornerback, MLB outfielder, and currently a NFL Network commentator.  He’s considered one of the most versatile athletes in history because he has played multiple sports in multiple positions. His versatility carries over to his daily fashions.  Unfortunately, he’s aways balancing between the BENCH and the WAIVERS, never quit making a STARTER.
Yesterday (December 3, 2009), Deion was commentating on the NFL Network.  He had on the suit below:
If you watched this on a HD television you know Deion’s suit was bronze/gold striped?  He had on a bronze shirt with a white collar. The collar had bronze stripes coming down surrounding his tie.  The tie had some sort of bronze/brown/gold…detailing.
My dearest Deion, a handsome man, but your fashion choices are wrong!  I went back into some files and pulled another photo of Deion’s fashion mishaps.
I see how you attempt to coordinate, but it’s not working.  You are a WAIVER!  At this point I can’t give suggestions, I want you to hire me as your fashion consultant, then I just may put you on the BENCH.  Maybe one suggestion, stop having your tailor put stripes on your collars!

Golf Pro, Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all times!  He has won tournament after tournament, and many awards.  In 2008 alone he earned an estimated 110 million in winnings and endorsements.  Unfortunately, Tiger’s life off the green hasn’t been so thrilling with his alleged affairs and car crash. 

Since Tiger has been in the news lately, I decided to look through past files to see if Tiger could be a member of my team.  I know he’s use to playing alone, but we all need to be team players.

Back in April 2009 Tiger visited President Obama at the White House.  During his visit they discussed golf and more importantly issues about racial barriers.  Tiger wore the suit pictured below:

Tiger, this was an appropriate choice while visiting the President of the United States. I wouldn’t change a thing.  It wasn’t to flashy or over-the-top, and it shouldn’t be with the company you where keeping.   Tiger you’re a STARTER!  You made the right choice while visiting the President, now make better choices about life.  The choices you make today will affect tomorrow. 



Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets

On Tuesday, December 1, 2009 the Lakers defeated the Hornets 110 to 99.  Chris Paul didn’t play in the game, he was on theBENCH and rightfully so!

I am a fan of the Winston-Salem, North Carolina native who was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2006 and led the Hornets to the second round of the 2008 NBA Playoffs. I even enjoyed his book Long Shot: Never to Small to Dream Big, but I didn’t enjoy his selection of clothing on December 1, 2009.

Chris is wearing a black suit.  He has on a pinstriped purple shirt with a white collar and a black tie with some sort of purple and white designs.  Suggestions (1) don’t wear purple to the Lakers game, try Hornet blue or yellow, both colors compliment your complexion (2) get rid of the pinstriped purple shirt, try a plain light purple shirt (if you must wear purple) or a white shirt (3) men should stay away from the pinstriped shirt or plain color shirts with white collars, many of them can’t pull it off.

Mr. Paul you get theBENCH.