I am not predicting outcomes of sporting events. I am critiquing clothing of male commentators, newscasters and athletes. If you’re involved in sports, you can be critiqued! You will gain some sporting knowledge along with a ton of  fashion tips and advise while viewing the top sports figures you know and love.  Here’s how it works:

theSTARTERS… if you happen to make this category in fashion, you make my team for the week, congratulations!

theBENCH… close, but something isn’t quit right with your outfit, sit on the bench and when I figure it out maybe you can play.

theWAIVERS… well maybe next time or never!  Someone needs to aid you with your fashion.

Be sure to add your opinions and comments especially if you know a STARTER, BENCH or WAIVER!


2 Responses to “Understanding myTEAMPICKS.com”

  1. 1 Erik
    December 17, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    I just came to check things out after seeing your comment on our blog (Too Old For Maxim…) and I must say this is an interesting take on the sporting world. I assume you have plenty to say about my man Craig Sager and his “unusual” suit choices. Sometimes it hurts to see the wild fashion concoctions he comes up with.

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